About Us

Hey there,

Thanks for checking out my blog…

I’m Joe a retired vet and all round dog lover. I love all animals but dogs have always held a special place in my heart since a small boy.

Over the years I have fostered and looked after many dogs of different breeds and one thing lots of people are always concerned about is their dog getting old.

It’s not nice to think of your beloved cannine companion getting old, along with the issues that go with it but alas it happens to us all.

me with minto

I decided to dedicate this blog to the older dogs and the people they live with, where that be permanent homes of fosterers. I have tried tio think of all the questions people have when it comes to dogs approaching their twighlight years to help dog owners understand the probelms that may occur and things you can do to help your dog be as comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions that arn’t covered please reach out via the cont page and I will add it to my list of topics to cover. Once again thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you find some useful information.